House rules

Arrivals on the first day are usually expected from 5 p.m..
The day from departure and for the cleaning of the rooms, it is requested to vacate the premises no later than by 11 a.m..

Breakfast times are as follows:
– Monday to Fridaybetween 7.15am and 8.15am
– weekends and public holidays between 9am and 10am

The maintenance of the room, the bathroom and the towels is carried out every 2 days. The bed remains at your discretion.

For stays of one week or more, the sheets are changed in the middle of the stay.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
Any incident must be reported.

The costs incurred for repair, replacement or pressing will be invoiced to you, reported or not.

If you bring your best four-legged friend, he will have to stay in the common area, as the hairs are stubborn to harvest.

Emergency Numbers:
15 SAMU – 17 Police – 18 Firefighters

Catherine is a certified nurse!

The guest house is not a public place. It is a family that welcomes them into their home with friendliness and respect for everyone’s privacy.

The prohibition of smoking in the house and in the rooms is a matter of safety but also of courtesy for the other people present. Also, do not inconvenience visitors who will occupy these rooms afterwards with the smell of tobacco.

Some people come to rest, so each resident is asked to be discreet late in the evening, at night, but also in the morning. Not everyone has the same rhythm of life: you have to think about early risers and late risers. So thank you for everyone to pay attention to the noise of voices, television, doors, heels….

Wishing you an excellent stay!